I’m not normally a big fan of the public SEO review/critique that some search marketing blogs make use of. I do like Sistrix’s blog (to give one example) but I also feel sorry for those who are dealing with the SEO for the particular brands that they dissect online for all to see – sometimes […]

I was running some tests recently to see what additional information can be obtained about Googlebot, with regards how it fetches and renders content on a webpage. Personally I’m invested in this area as many clients I work with are making use of Javascript to render content, and it was an area I wanted to […]

TLDR; Always check (and double-check) redirect status codes. This is a particular useful exercise when working with clients that have changed their main URL at some point. Use a variety of tools to check the redirect status. Keep old domains registered within Google Search Console too. When carrying out some historic SEO analysis for a few […]

I started out as a freelance SEO specialist several years ago (around 2010 if I remember rightly), which feels like a lifetime ago now. Since then I’ve learned a lot about SEO and about freelancing in general, and so in this post I’m going to look at giving essential SEO tips to all freelancers and […]