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SEO and Search Marketing for Climate Tech Companies

ClimateTech companies are working hard to develop and provide technology that can help to address the many environmental and climate related challenges. 
Whether these companies are working towards directly cutting carbon emissions of companies, or are simply involved in transitioning people towards using green renewable energy, it's important that these businesses can be found online. 
Find out how I can help you and your ClimateTech company get found online, helping others to transition towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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What is a ClimateTech company?

A ClimateTech company is one that provides innovative solutions to address the many environmental problems that are affecting us all today. 
By using sophisticated technology, a ClimateTech or a CleanTech/GreenTech company is able to work towards achieving various objectives related to creating a more sustainable future for everyone. 

The ClimateTech space is a fast growing industry and has many different categories, from businesses in the renewable energy space (solar panels, wind turbines etc), electric vehicle manufacturers, carbon offsetting and emission reductions, green building and construction, and many more. 
It's worth noting that Climate Tech companies are also known sometimes as Clean Tech or Green Tech companies - ultimately because they're either working to produce a cleaner or greener environment for us to live in. Whilst the terms are used interchangeably, they're still the same thing.

Why SEO and digital marketing matters for ClimateTech

Consumers are getting smarter and are realising the threats of climate change - sometimes at first hand. Many consumers and businesses are starting to look online for help solving their own problems, whether they need to find someone who can help to audit the emissions of their business, or find ways to effectively contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable environment for all. 

When consumers start to understand that there are services and products out there that cater for their needs, they'll often take to the likes of Google to start searching - whether they are searching for "carbon credit offsetting" or "solar panels for sale" - if this is what your business offers, you'll want to ensure you've got some visibility in the search results. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Advertising (PPC) can work really well to ensure your business is visible when your consumers are actively searching for the services or products you provide. So, investing in these two marketing channels can really help your ClimateTech company to generate more business. 

Discuss growing your ClimateTech companies online visibility with me

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