From reducing wasted PPC budgets in Google Ads through to diagnosing fetch and render issues with Googlebot, you can read my insights on various elements of SEO and PPC here as well as thoughts and opinions about working remotely as an SEO specialist paid search and digital marketing consultant.

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Popular SEO Tools

10 SEO Experts share their most-used SEO tools of the year

Ask an SEO what their favourite SEO tool is and you'll probably hear a different answer from every person - everyone has their…
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best link magnets

19 Experts share their favourite examples of Link Magnets used by Brands

However you want to call them, whether it's a link magnet, a link asset or link bait - there are many examples of…
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Using ChatGPT for SEO

24 Experts share how they are using ChatGPT to help with SEO efforts

Just about every man and his dog has been talking about ChatGPT recently, and about just how brilliant it is. Not one to…
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Live Composer plugin issue allows trackbacks to be published without approval

This was a fun one to discover - I was reviewing my domains outgoing links from Ahrefs and a few sites caught my…
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An SEO in the garden

What does it mean to be an ethical SEO?

I've been thinking on this one for a while - what is it that makes an SEO consultant ethical? Or what does it…
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desktop and mobile render

Fixing Broken CSS in the Google Search Console Page Render – is it an SEO issue?

This is one of those SEO tracks that have been on-repeat throughout my career as a freelance SEO. You're inspecting a page URL…
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data source name in datastudio

Chart Configuration Incomplete – Bugs in Google Data Studio?

Writing this post having spent the best part of a day messing around with recurring issues when adding Data Sources to a DataStudio…
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Wix spam in SERPS

Dealing with Wix spam member profile pages

I had an interesting client issue recently - first they were alerted to the typical "404 error page" warning message received from Google…
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