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According to Kinsta over 40% of the web is powered by Wordpress! That's an incredible statistic. With so many businesses making use of Wordpress to run their website, it's natural that there is now a really high demand for Wordpress SEO experts and consultants.
Wordpress is one of the best platforms for businesses and is very SEO friendly almost out-the-box (once you've installed a few decent SEO plugins anyway!).
If I was to recommend an SEO friendly CMS or software for a business Wordpress would be my first choice 99% of the time. I've spent many years helping businesses using Wordpress to optimise their site and to help them get found on Google.

Read on to see how I can help you grow online with my Wordpress SEO consultancy service.

Wordpress SEO Services

The services I include for Wordpress websites are really the same as any other SEO services - ultimately the same principles will apply. Initially I will carry out a technical audit of your Wordpress site, where I can identify any potential issues that may be hindering your organic visibility. Then I will progress to the next phase - carrying out keyword research, a competitive analysis, backlink audit and content gap analysis.

I've listed some of the typical Wordpress SEO services I carry out when helping clients:
- Technical Site Audit
- Plugins review
- Yoast / RankMath audit
- Competitor analysis
- Backlink audit
- Keyword research
- Content gap analysis
- Content strategy
- Offsite SEO strategy
- Digital PR/link building
- Site speed review
- Site accessibility audit
Ultimately the SEO services I provide will depend on the state of your current website - whilst some sites might need a technical SEO audit to identify problems, if you have already identified and highlighted a problem to be fixed then I wouldn't need to carry out a new full site audit. The exact tasks and services I offer as part of my Wordpress SEO service depend entirely on your current situation. I will always prioritise the work carried out to win any low hanging fruit, or what is most likely to move the needle.

Wordpress SEO Costs

The cost of Wordpress SEO services will vary a lot according to the consultant, agency or freelancer you're working with. Whilst it's possible to find a monthly SEO service that costs £200 per month, I'd be very dubious about the quality and amount of work that will be completed for such a cheap price. Whilst I still like to think my SEO rates are very affordable, especially considering my experience working with Wordpress, my services start at £500 per month. 

If you reach out I'll be able to provide more information on my rates and to give a more precise quote based on where your website is at, how it's performing and what kind of competition you're up against. 

Hire a Wordpress SEO Consultant

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