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Technical SEO Consultant

Are you looking for a freelance technical SEO consultant? I've got over 10 years experience providing a range of SEO services including technical SEO, helping clients grow their visibility on Google. Read on to find out how I can help you with my technical SEO consultancy services.

Why is technical SEO important?

Chances are that if you're reading this page you already know the benefits of technical SEO - done badly, this has the potential to hold your site back when it comes to ranking on Google. 

Technical SEO is considered as the backbone for any website that takes SEO seriously. You want to ensure everything is technically good before you pour more time, effort an resources into optimising your website. 

Why invest thousands of pounds in link building or digital PR if your website isn't going to benefit from the increased exposure due to technical SEO issues?

By getting technical SEO right, from an initial SEO audit followed by making any necessary improvements to a site, you can move on to invest your efforts into the additional elements of SEO that will then shift the needle. 

You wouldn't build your house on a shaky foundation, and the same principle applies to technical SEO.

What services are included as part of technical SEO?

The main technical SEO service I offer is a site audit - this is a comprehensive review of your site to highlight any issues that might be holding your site back on Google.

This will involve crawling your website as Googlebot would, finding all the pages, reviewing for broken links, incorrect response codes, checking use of HTML tags, JavaScript, checking for page rendering issues, site speed, accessibility, meta tags... pretty much anything that might impact or hinder the site's organic rankings. 

Ultimately the technical SEO services I provide depend on what you require - I have also helped clients who have approached me knowing they have a specific issue that needs fixing (such as their site has suffered from a hack/content injection and they need this fixing) whilst others have approached not knowing that there are technical issues that are preventing their site from being more visible on Google.

Ways technical SEO can help a website

There are lots of ways technical SEO improvements can help a website to rank higher, some of the common issues/improvements I've made include:

- Identifying issues with internal linking
- Helping to build XML sitemaps to aid indexing of content
- Diagnosing problems with crawling by log file analysis
- Auditing SSL certificate and security issues
- Identifying and resolving Googlebot page rendering issues
- Cleaning up hacked/injected site content
- Improving site speed
- Improving Core Web Vitals ratings
- Auditing for site accessibility
- Technical audits as part of site migrations
- International SEO audits and hreflang issues

Hire a Freelance Technical SEO Consultant

Hiring an experienced technical SEO consultant on a project basis, or even by their day-rate would be a great way to benefit from their skillset without having to pay huge fees (or to work with an SEO agency!). 

Reach out to me if you'd like to have an informal chat about my technical SEO service.