Freelance SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now such an important part of any online marketing strategy and is a particular area that I specialise in, having worked in the field for over 10 years.

I’ve worked in a variety of different verticals including travel, media publishing, food/drink and charity, just to name a few! I love switching between different client industries too and learning about a particular businesses goals and objectives – so even if I’ve not worked in your vertical that’s unlikely to be an issue.

When working with new clients I’ll initially carry out a technical audit of the website to check for any issues which may be holding back the indexing of your site content or the position your site’s currently ranking for. I’ll then come back with a plan of attack, which might be a list of technical fixes which your web developer will be able to implement, or it might involve a new content-marketing strategy – ultimately it’ll depend on the condition of your current website.

I like to take time talking to clients to find out their concerns before diving in, so initially it’d be good to hold a brief 10 minute call to hear any of your SEO concerns.

Organic traffic increase

A client I worked with long-term to increase organic traffic, in this case through technical fixes and additional content strategy


Freelance SEO Services I provide

If you choose to hire me to help improve your websites organic search performance, here’s a breakdown of the services that I’ll be happy to assist with:

  • Keyword research (which search phrases do you wish to target?)
  • SEO strategy (a plan of what you want to achieve, and the ways in which we can achieve it)
  • On-site optimisation (technical review of your site and any relevant changes)
  • Off-site optimisation (citations, links, customer reviews, content strategy)
  • On-going monitoring and tracking of search rankings for key topics
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking


Hiring a remote SEO specialist to help boost your traffic

I’ve worked remotely as an SEO specialist for several years now, having previously worked for a digital agency based in Dublin, and in that time I’ve been lucky enough to work with people and businesses from all across the world – USA, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and several more. Due to the remote nature of my work it’s possible to work with me regardless of your location – typically I keep in touch with clients through email, Slack and Skype calls, so your location won’t be an issue to me.

If you’re interested in working with me to enhance your websites SEO performance then please don’t hesitate to complete the contact form below. I’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours (unless it’s the weekend of course!).

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*If you get bored of trying to figure out the Captcha code above then you can always just email me on hello at matttutt dot me.

Chances are that if you’re interested in bringing more people to your website through SEO then you may also be interested in reading about the PPC services that I’m also offering. If that’s the case, take a look at my PPC consultancy page here. Remember – PPC traffic can be delivered almost instantly, whereas SEO is often more of a long-term investment.