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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now such an important part of any online marketing strategy and is a particular area that I specialise in, having worked in the industry for over 10 years.

I love helping independent SMB's punch above their weight in Google, helping them to grow their online visibility 💪
Freelance SEO Expert

Freelance SEO to Hire

I've worked across many verticals to help businesses ensure their website can be found in Google whenever potential customers are searching. I love being involved in all areas of SEO - from completing technical audits and diagnosing tricky technical issues to making onsite content improvements, finding content gaps, as well as carrying out sustainable link building to ensure your website has a strong offsite presence. 

Working as a freelance SEO consultant I've seen lots of issues and have experience working on a range of platforms, with a variety of teams - whether its working whitelabel for another agency, or working direct with your head of marketing. 

I've listed a range of services included as part of me SEO services below - but ultimately I'll be on hand to help your business any way I can.
Keyword research (which search terms and topics do you need to target?)
SEO strategy (a plan of what you want to achieve, and the ways in which we can achieve it)
On-site optimisation (technical review of your site and helping to make those changes)
Off-site optimisation (citations, links, customer reviews)
On-going monitoring and tracking of search rankings for key topics
Backlink analysis (how strong is your link profile)
Competitor analysis and traffic benchmarking
Anything else as deemed necessary to help your organic search performance!

Typical 3 month SEO plan

When working with a new client on an ongoing basis I like to create an initial 3 month plan to help visualise what work I'll be carrying out and to prioritise according to the impact of that work. 
I've shared a typical 3 month SEO strategy plan below - but note this will be different for each client.

Month 1

Technical audit of your website to uncover any issues which may be holding back your website in the search engines.
Keyword research analysis to determine search terms you should be targeting as part of your ongoing SEO strategy.
SEO analysis
Benchmarking current traffic levels by reviewing Google Analytics and Search Console data.
Backlink audit to determine the current state of your website.

Month 2

Competitor analysis that looks at how your rival companies are performing online in terms of online traffic and search rankings, as well as reviewing their backlink profiles.
seo site
Keyword and page mappings to determine which pages on your site should target which topics – and the suggestion of new pages where appropriate.
keyword rank
Setting up keyword rank tracking to monitor how the SEO work we are implementing is helping to improve your organic rankings in key markets.
SEO Opmitimize
Devising an ongoing SEO content strategy to determine topics that should be covered on the site, likely on a blog.

Month 3

Reviewing offsite SEO and drawing up an ongoing strategy to build the presence of your website naturally online in a sustainable manner.
seo site
Content audit which reviews previously published content and determines the best strategy to utilise this content (removing, redirecting, re-writing, and so on).
keyword rank
Branded search audit to look at current branded search volumes and discover other additional branded search terms we can easily target.
Jason Hegetschweiler
Matt has been very helpful improving our organic search rankings and advising us on a variety of technical elements to help improve our SEO.

Jason Hegetschweiler

Trace Creative, Founder

Hire a freelance SEO specialist to help boost your traffic (+ grow revenue!) 📈

I've worked with hundreds of businesses to help them get found online, and so there's not a lot of issues I've not encountered before.

I love getting to know new businesses, the struggles they're having, and figuring out how to help them succeed online.

If you want to work with on an ongoing basis - I typically work on a monthly retainer as I tend to prefer longterm relationships (SEO is rarely an overnight thing!) then send me a message below. 
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Marcus Ohanesian
I've worked with Matt for years now and with every project, he continues to impress me with his skillset and expertise. Matt is super knowledgeable with Google Analytics, SEO, and organically improving search rankings. He's a very detailed driven SEO expert and I highly recommend him for any website optimization project.

Marcus Ohanesian

Trellis, Project Manager

Freelance SEO Specialist – FAQ’s

It’s normal to have lots of questions when it comes to hiring a consultant to help with your SEO efforts. At the end of the day it’s your business so you want to ensure you’ve got faith in the people that you're working with. If your question isn't listed below, just reach out!
How much do you charge for SEO?

To give a rough idea my day rate is £500 and typically for any monthly SEO retainer (my preferred way of working) I would require a minimum of 2 days work per month. I do offer project based SEO services - eg if you have a specific issue that needs resolving, or are undertaking a particular project (site migration for example) I can also quote accordingly.

Will I be locked in to a long term contract if I work with you?

No – I prefer to keep things flexible. Whilst it does take time to see the impact of most SEO work carried out I prefer not to have clients tied down to very lengthy contracts. Most of my clients work on a rolling monthly contract basis, which seems to work well for all parties. If you need/want a longer contract put in place, we can discuss that.

When will I see an impact from your SEO efforts?

This is a tricky question to answer – whilst it’s true that most SEO effort will take time to show results (several months, in some cases), there are other changes that can have a much quicker impact. Ultimately it really depends on the work that is being carried out – I’ve worked with clients that have had key pages “hidden” from Google, so resolving that was an instant fix which delivered traffic nearly overnight. Other content based improvements can take months for Google re-evaluate and to update their search results. So in true SEO fashion, the answer here is “it depends”. I like to think most of my clients start to see results from the 2nd or 3rd month.

Which CMS systems have you worked on?

I’ve worked extensively on WordPress as well as having experience using Shopify, Wix and Magento. I’ve also worked on several custom built, JavaScript based frameworks. Ultimately most of these ready-built CMS platforms function in a very similar manner, so it wont be an issue which CMS or platform your site is using - the same SEO principles will apply.

Do you buy links – or offer link building services?

Whilst I do provide link building services for my clients, I won’t be buying links on their behalf. I prefer to work with a long-term mindset and I think that buying links is a risky business which hurts more businesses than it helps. I’m surprised at the number of businesses that I’ve worked with which at some point have employed someone to build links on their behalf. Most of those links either have no value or are causing harm to their search rankings.  There’s a big difference between generating great, helpful content which naturally generates links and gets online coverage, vs carrying out manual link building (or paying for links).