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SEO and Search Marketing for Charities & NGO's

Ensuring your business can be found online is critical these days, and that's especially true for charities and non-government organisations (NGO's). As someone that loves to work with charitable causes, in particular ones that are doing good for people or the environment, I'd love to help you get found online, helping you to reach a wider audience.
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SEO and Search Marketing for BCorps

Why SEO and digital marketing matters for charities

Marketing is super-important for charities because it helps them to raise awareness of their organisation and their mission, which can in turn help them to achieve some of the goals of their organisation. 

Search marketing for charities and NGO's is not just about promoting their products and services online, but also about showcasing their mission and impact, helping them to build relationships with key stakeholders, creating brand loyalty and engagement, and advancing their mission for positive change.

SEO and search marketing for charities can be very different that helping traditional for-profit businesses - there may be smaller budgets, no (or smaller) marketing teams, and goals that aren't revenue or lead based - although some will still aim for donations and such as one of their key online objectives. That's why its so important to work with a digital marketing consultant that really understands what it is your charity is looking to achieve. 

Discuss growing your charites online visibility with me

Are you interested in helping your charity grow online, through SEO campaigns, Google Ads Non-Profit Grants, or other forms of search marketing? Why not reach out to me for an informal chat to see how I can help.
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