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I've helped small and medium-sized businesses to obtain digital PR coverage from some leading publications including national tabloids and magazines. This in turn allows clients to become established as an authority within their field, whilst generating authoritative backlinks which help to strengthen a brand's SEO ranking. Working with me as part of your digital marketing strategy, and involving me with digital PR efforts can help to ensure your business gets found by the audience you're looking to attract.

My Digital PR consultancy services work well as part of one of my ongoing SEO retainers, allowing me to work with your business to generate brilliant coverage for your business.

Digital PR Services

Here are a few of the digital PR services I currently provide. Note that my service will be tailored to your own specific needs, as every industry is different and other types of services will be more beneficial.

Journalist Based PR

You've probably heard of pitching journalists story ideas with the hope of getting covered. Whilst this is still a good tactic, there are now far easier ways to pick up great coverage simply by answering journalist requests. By using sources like HARO, Qwoted and even social media platforms, I can help to monitor and land amazing coverage for your business - often with a very quick turnaround time!

Round-Up Placements

Have you ever Googled a query like "best trainers for running" and found a listicle result returned - an article that lists 10 recommended pairs of trainers? These product-roundups have been popular with Google for several years already. The trick is getting included in the roundup, which is where this service comes in! Landing your product or brand on sites like these can do wonders for your SEO whilst bringing genuine customers.

Building Link Assets

A link asset is something that's been designed with the aim of picking up links and getting your brand known. Whilst I prefer not to focus solely on links, building out an asset - or something that is genuinely useful for people, such as an online calculator, tool or other resource, is a great way to generate links on an ongoing basis. The trick is finding the best way to reach, and help, your target audience.

Outreach Service

Manual outreach can take time and more often than not ends with nothing to show for your efforts. If done the right way, with the perfect pitch, outreach can still be one of the most effective ways of reaching journalists at the publications that really matter for your brand. Using this service we can look to create stories that really resonate with target publications, ensuring we're not wasting time with our digital PR!

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