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Ecommerce SEO Consultant for ethical brands

I provide ecommerce SEO consultancy services for purpose-driven, sustainable, ethical, green and regenerative businesses.

These are businesses that either re-invest profits back into schemes that directly help the environment, or those that have ensured that their practises aren't harming the environment 🌎

If you fit the bill and run an ecommerce business read on to see how I can help you gain more visibility online!
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SEO and Search Marketing for BCorps

How I can help your sustainable store with my ecommerce SEO service

There are lots of ways in which I can help your store get found online through my ecommerce SEO services. When working with me, I work very hard to ensure your brand, and the products that you are selling, can be easily found online when your customers are searching.

Most brands benefit initially from a technical SEO audit - this is to determine any problems that may be holding your website back. From indexing problems to issues with site speed, there are many ways to improve your website and to help it rank higher on Google.

Why do you only work with sustainable brands?

I believe that because of climate change and the myriad of issues affecting the planet right now, we all need to take action to try and prevent further damage and to work to regenerate or improve the health of the planet. 

One of the ways I'm trying to do this is by being more selective with the kinds of business I'm choosing to work with.

Instead of working with any online store, I'm instead choosing to work with sustainable, ethical and purpose-driven and regenerative ecommerce brands. 

I have nothing against brands that don't fall into the above category (unless they are actively harming people or the planet!) and I realise this might not be everyone's cup of tea - but it's important to me that I feel the work I do matters.

SEO services for ecommerce brands

There are lots of ways in which I can help your brand get found on Google. Some of the tasks that can help have been listed below:

βœ… Technical SEO audit to highlight any issues that might be holding your content back on Google
βœ… Content analysis to check for issues with products and onpage content - important to ensure your pages and products are visible on Google
βœ… Backlink analysis that reviews the link profile of your store and compares against key competitors
βœ… Product feed audit that ensures your products are listed and accessible to Googlebot and other crawlers
βœ… Product image analysis that assesses how your product photos stack up against the competition
βœ… Anything else that will help move the needle and ensure your brand and products can be found online!

Hire me as your ecommerce SEO consultant

As someone who only works with sustainable, ethical or green businesses, I'll be 100% committed to ensuring your store and products can be found on Google πŸ’š

Not many other SEO consultants can say the same! 
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