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The Ethical Marketer

During the past few years one topic I've found to be interesting has been the idea of ethics and morals within the world of digital marketing. I find myself paying more attention to issues that exist within the industry, thanks to all of those who are talking about them (often on social media). I enjoy learning about these vs hearing about the latest greatest SEO tactics or strategies - it feels a bit more real and authentic.

At one point I felt it would be really interesting to reach out to a few people and ask for their thoughts on various topics - those that often get ignored.
I settled on the name The Ethical Marketer but I'm not sure if ethics does really cover the whole spectrum of things I'd love to talk about here. Potential topics include:

  • Being more sustainable (reducing your carbon footprint etc)
  • Being more inclusive and encouraging for a more diverse digital marketing community
  • Working with ethical, green brands or "for purpose" brands
  • Finding your own purpose as a digital marketer

I'd also like to make it abundantly clear that, in doing this series, I by no means consider myself as being "the most ethical marketer" - however you would go about defining that term. This wasn't my goal at all in starting this feature. I simply like the idea of trying to encourage more people to talk openly about some of these topics. I often regret that I don't have more to contribute to these conversations, so hopefully these interviews go towards helping others who do have important things to share - helping to give them a platform, so to speak.

To find people to talk to here about these issues I paid close attention to my social feeds - Twitter especially - and I simply reached out to a few people who clearly had something interesting to say. I can't reach out to everyone so if you would like to get involved or know of a good person to speak with,  you know where to find me.

Lots of my initial approaches were beneficial - everyone seems happy to chat about these issues in the open, which lead me to putting these mini stories together. I hope you find them as interesting as I did when I began thinking of questions to ask these experts - whether they're copywriters, SEO's, PPC specialists, web developers, designers - I think we can all learn a thing or two from the brilliant people I've spoken to below.

Thanks to everyone who is reading or who has participated in one of these interviews! 👏