The Ethical Marketer

During the past few years one topic I've found to be super-interesting has been the idea of ethics, or morals, within the world of digital marketing and SEO.

I find myself paying more attention to the issues that exist within the industry, and often times I find those issues far more important to read about, and learn about, than hearing about the latest SEO tactics or strategies.

At one point I felt that it would be really interesting (to me at least!) to reach out to a few people and pick their brains around certain themes. 

I settled on the name "The Ethical Marketer" but I'm not sure if ethics does really cover the whole spectrum of things I'd love to talk about here. Topics I have bouncing around my vast, often empty head include:

  • being more sustainable,
  • reducing your carbon footprint,
  • being more inclusive and encouraging a more diverse digital marketing community,
  • working with ethical or green brands

I'd also like to make it abundantly clear that, in doing this series, I by no means consider myself as being "the most ethical marketer" - however you would go about defining that term! This wasn't my goal at all in starting this feature. I'm not some kind of digital-Gandhi, I simply like the idea of trying to encourage more people to talk openly about some of these issues.

I wanted to simply explore topics that I found to be personally interesting, which hopefully other some people within the online marketing industry might also find interesting. It might not be for everyone - and that's ok.

To find people to talk to here about these issues I paid close attention to my social feeds - twitter especially - and I simply reached out to a few people I felt kind-of connected to, who clearly had something interesting to say. 

Lots of my approaches were beneficial - everyone seems happy to chat about these issues in the open, which lead me to putting these mini stories together.

I hope you find them as interesting as I did when I began thinking of questions to ask these experts - whether they're copywriters, SEO or PPC marketers, web developers, designers - I think we can all learn a thing or two from the specialists I've spoken to below.

If you feel particularly passionate about a topic which might fall under the umbrella of ethics in digital marketing then feel free to reach out and we can see about setting up a chat. Or if you would like to nominate someone, I'm always open to suggestions.

Thanks to everyone who is reading or who has participated in one of these interviews! 

The Interviews

Below you will find the interviews I've carried out to date. Note: I'm slowly adding more interviews here, don't forget to bookmark / revisit to read more!

Sally Fox ethical copywriter

Ethical Copywriting – an Interview with Sally Fox

I'm really excited to finally be launching my new "Ethical Marketer" series with the help of Sally Fox, a copywriter from the UK who like me is also based out in Spain. I first became aware of Sally via the DMU, and her being based not only in Spain but also in Galicia (kind of the county equivalent) I was always keen to keep in contact with her. When I first had the idea to do a series that interviews other people who work in a similar field as myself (digital marketing, in some form or another) with similar interests…
Read Interview with Sally