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Are you trying to grow your website visibility in the local area? Maybe you run a service-area business, and you're trying to reach a larger audience in your local area. Or perhaps you own a business and are trying to attract more people to your premises. Whatever your situation may be, my local SEO services can help ensure your website (and Google Business profile!) are visible whenever someone is searching for what it is you're offering.

Investing in a strong local SEO strategy, with a local SEO expert can be a smart and affordable way to ensure your business has a competitive advantage on Google. 

Local SEO Services

There's lots of work to be done if you are serious about getting more customers from your local area through investing in local SEO services. 
Whilst the majority of local SEO efforts will focus on your website, a lot of time will also need to be dedicated to your Google business profile, as these carry so much value and really need to be optimised properly to reach their full potential.

Below I've listed some of the local SEO services provided as part of my local SEO consultancy service.
- Google My Business listing audit and management
- Local business listing citations review and strategy
- Local search keyword research
- On-site content strategy
- Technical SEO audit of website
- Customer review strategy
- Local backlink audit and strategy
- On-site local SEO
It's worth remembering that all businesses are different - and so the exact local SEO services I provide will depend on what's going to be best for your business. Not all businesses will need help with a customer review strategy if they are already collecting a strong number of good quality reviews. The local SEO service I provide will depend on completion of a comprehensive analysis which outlines what is needed for your business at that moment in time.

How much does local SEO cost?

Ultimately this will depend a lot on the type of local SEO services being provided, the location of the SEO freelancer, agency or consultant, their experience, and also the competitiveness of the industry you are in. In a nutshell - there is no one set price, but as a rough guide you can expect to pay anywhere from £300 per month to £5,000. Obviously that's a huge range but it goes to show how many factors are at play when it comes to pricing. 

My own local SEO services will cost from £500 per month and will depend on where your business is currently at, and how much support you really need. 

Local SEO Case Study

I worked with Warble Entertainment, an entertainment agency based in Brighton to help improve their local search visibility. During my time working with them I oversaw a site migration and was able to help grow organic traffic by 56% year-over-year (despite limitations from Covid-19 lockdowns) as well as a 25% increase in conversions through their website. 
Local SEO case study - agency
Local SEO traffic growth
56% increase in traffic YoY
25% increase in leads YoY
30% increase in backlinks

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