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PPC Management Consultant

PPC advertising on Google is one of the most popular and quickest ways to grow traffic to your website and to put your business directly under the noses of people searching specifically for the terms related to your business.
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PPC Management Consultant

8 Years of Experience

I’ve got over 8 years experience of running Google Search, Display and Retargeting campaigns on the Google Ads network (formerly known as Google AdWords), from budgets ranging from £300 per month all the way up to £6,000 per month. I’m a qualified Google AdWords Partner too, meaning I’ve passed their accredited qualifications and have met their own stringent Google Partner status requirements.

PPC Freelancer to Hire

When working with you on your PPC campaigns, we’ll first have a quick call to discuss your setup to help find what you need from PPC advertising – do you want to generate new leads, or to simply generate more sales of your products, or something else? I’ll then work on developing a PPC strategy, followed by carrying out some detailed keyword-research, before building out the PPC campaigns within Google AdWords or Bing.
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I can provide PPC campaign audits, strategy, setup and on-going management. Take a look at some of the different areas of PPC consultation that I’m currently offering below:

PPC Search Marketing

Running a PPC Search marketing campaign is one of the easiest ways to grow traffic to your website. It’s such a valuable and powerful form of advertising because it’s bringing users to your site who are actively searching for what it is your company is offering (when done correctly!). Done on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, you only pay for every person that clicks your advert and arrives onto your site. When the user lands on your page the next job is to convert them; this comes under the title of conversion rate optimisation, another service I can help with as part of my PPC consultation services.

PPC Display Marketing

Display campaigns are banner-advertisements which run on the Google Display network, a database of millions of websites in a partnership with Google through their AdSense program. With so many websites offering high-visibility placements, I’m able to target your banner adverts to the exact audience you’re trying to advertise to. This is again done on a CPC basis. Display advertising is ideal for branding but can also be used for more direct advertising.
I can help you to plan, implement and manage your display advertising campaign on the Google Network.

PPC Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting or remarketing campaigns are similar to the above banner ads as they make use of the same Google Display network as their placement, however they can be an even more targeted form of advertising because they’re based on your website visitors previous behaviour. Retargeting ads can be used to target previous visitors to your website, with the advertisement they see tailored to suit your objective. 
Retargeting campaigns are often used to promote an additional discount, or some kind of added-incentive to bring the user back onto the website to complete a purchase or fill in a form. This form of behaviour-based advertising is extremely powerful because the audience can be adjusted to exactly what suits your business – do you want to target visitors to your site who didn’t make a purchase? Or do you want to target visitors to your blog who didn’t yet visit your shop page – anything is possible.
I’d love to help you devise a retargeting strategy before creating and managing your ads on the Google Network.

YouTube Video Campaigns

Video advertising on the YouTube platform can be a highly effective, extremely visual and memorable way of helping your business to reach a new target audience. Thanks to some really specific demographic and channel targeting options, as well as a really competitive pricing model whereby you only pay when someone watches a large proportion of your advert, YouTube advertising is now a much more feasible way to grow your business online. Get in touch with me today to enquire about my YouTube video advertising services.
Jason Hegetschweiler
Matt has been very helpful improving our organic search rankings and advising us on a variety of technical elements to help improve our SEO.

Jason Hegetschweiler

Trace Creative, Founder

Would you like some help with your PPC campaigns to maximise your ROI?

If you’re interested in hiring me on a freelance basis to manage your Google Ads PPC campaigns, or if you have a campaign running at present but you’re not happy with its performance, just complete the contact form below. I’m completely transparent when it comes to my very affordable PPC costs, plus any reporting and analysis, and would love to help you achieve your goals.
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*Note – PPC marketing can work really well in conjunction with your SEO efforts. Whilst PPC is typically “instant” (I can start delivering traffic to your website as soon as the PPC campaigns are setup and approved by Google), SEO can work well in tandem although it often takes longer to see the true impact. Take a look at my SEO services page if you’d like help boosting your organic search presence too!