10 examples of Regenerative Businesses


Regenerative businesses utilise a strategy that promotes the restoration and regeneration of both natural resources and social systems. 

What do Regenerative Businesses do?

10 examples of Regenerative Businesses

1. Hey Girls

hey girls is using more sustainable, responsibly-sourced material alternatives in their products and packaging.

hey girls was recommended by Sustainability writer Rachel Lawton

2. Houdini Sportswear

Houdini’s purpose and vision is “inspiring and enabling mankind to reconnect to nature, to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle in partnership with nature.”

Houdini was recommended by Marketer
Slavina Dimitrova

3. Vivo Barefoot

Vivo Barefoot have recognised that being sustainable is no longer enough and they shape their business goals around restoring the environment.

Vivo Barefoot was recommended by Sustainable Marketing Consultant
Maria Soleil

4. ReforestHosting

ReforestHosting are powered by 100% renewable energy and plant trees every month with their web hosting plans.

ReforestHosting was recommended by Copywriter & Consultant Katherine Kane

5. Groenhartig

In between growing seasons Groenhartig plant 'green manures' like blue tansy to produce biomass above and below the ground, and to release nutrients back into the soil for the next crop.

Groenhartig was recommended by Copywriter
Anna Willis

6. Habitat Aid

At Habitat Aid we're very obviously a regenerative business - it runs through everything we do, and our customers love that.

Habitat Aid was suggested by the Founder of Habitat Aid, Nick Mann

7. Contemporary

Contemporary Hempery are working on re-localised growing of hemp for fiber In the UK, which hasn't been done for centuries.

Contemporary Hempery was recommended by Director & lead consultant at Circular Earth,
Rachel Sheila Kan

8. Scrubbies

Scrubbies are an alternative
to the
plastic sponge, which is not only responsible for polling tonnes of micro plastic into our water ways but is a great host for bacteria.

Scrubbies was recommended by Co-Founder of Sustainable Pathways
 Ciaran Armstrong

9. Bananatex® by           

Bananatex is a trademarked bio-based and biodegradable fabric that was developed by QWSTION and their textile partner in Taiwan.

Bananatex was recommended by Akepa's Sustainable Marketing Intern
 Anna Macesar

10. Minor Figures

A brand I discovered recently is Minor Figures. They say "Done right, businesses benefit everyone involved. It’s important to us to show that we’re more than just talk "

Minor Figures was recommended by Freelance Regeneration & Sustainability Copywriter
 Isabelle Drury

SEO Consultant
Matt Tutt

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Want to shout about any other regen businesses?