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desktop and mobile render

Fixing Broken CSS in the Google Search Console Page Render – is it an SEO issue?

This is one of those SEO tracks that have been on-repeat throughout my career as a freelance SEO. You're inspecting…
data source name in datastudio

Chart Configuration Incomplete – Bugs in Google Data Studio?

Writing this post having spent the best part of a day messing around with recurring issues when adding Data Sources…
Wordfence content bloat

How to stop Wordfence creating URLs – and bloating your website

For a few websites I have added in Google Search Console, some of them my own side projects, some of…
the seo quiz on search central

The making of the SEO Quiz – Guide to using AMP Stories format

First off - I know it probably sounds a bit pretentious, the whole idea of me doing a "break down"…
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