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The Matt Tutt SEO Conference

Word on the street is that there will be a new SEO conference in town. Apparently it will go by the name of the Matt Tutt SEO conference. 

This conference will be better to all the others because: 
- Casual wear is welcomed (pyjamas even better)
- Pets will be encouraged to attend (there will be a pet of the day award)
- New talk topics will be prioritised
- Wont be the same old SEO faces (there will be an emphasis on new speakers)

If you would like to register your interest as a speaker, please fill in this form

Note that I will try to prioritise including speakers who haven't spoken at a public SEO event before, and those who might need a bit of moral support along the way.

Everyone is welcome to apply to speak, regardless of experience, location, or any other factors. I just ask that you would be able to present something that others who work in the field of SEO would likely find interesting.

Talks will be 20-30 minutes long. No refreshments will be provided. Pet attendance will be encouraged. Swearing will be tolerated. Final date to be confirmed (might be in June).

Can I speak at your event please matey?

Everyone is welcome to pitch a talk - please fill in the form below:

When is it going to be?

Not confirmed this yet - potentially the last week of June. But TBC. It's all a bit "up in the air" as they say.

How much will it cost me - I'm just a poor, lowly SEO...

No cost - I don't want to price people out of attending.

Will there be talk recordings made available?

I hope so - aiming to provide these for people who were unable to attend the event live. 

I represent a wealthy SEO tool. Can I sponsor your event?

Maybe - it will depend what you want, and how big your pockets are.