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I think that through rewilding (or wilding) our land we can do something positive that will directly enhance the levels of biodiversity on a local level. 
That's why I'm offering a standard SEO audit in exchange for a modest fee of £200, all of which will go to a local rewilding charity of your choosing. 
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Why Rewilding is important

Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation. It’s about letting nature take care of itself, enabling natural processes to shape land and sea, repair damaged ecosystems and restore degraded landscapes. Through rewilding, wildlife’s natural rhythms create wilder, more biodiverse habitats (text from RewildingEurope).

I believe that with the myriad of issues affecting us and our fragile environment - climate change, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, deforestation and habitat destruction, just to name a few, rewilding offers us a purposeful and positive way to impact change. 

If we allow land to return to its natural state, with very minimal human intervention, we can allow natural and native species to thrive and for nature to work towards healing itself. With more land allowed to go wild in this way, we can look to enhance the biodiversity of the land one step at a time. Pollinators will be one of the first to benefit, but on a larger scale it can also allow for the introduction (or re-introduction) of other larger native species, such as the Lynx or Eurasian Beaver
The Lynx - one of the pinups of the rewilding world

What's the connection between SEO and Rewilding?

Long story short - there is no connection (that might come as a bit of a surprise to some!). To backtrack a bit - based on all of the issues affecting us and the environment today, its very easy to feel very insignificant and to feel as if your actions have no tangible impact (what can one person do to help prevent climate change in a meaningful way?).

Wanting to move away from a feeling of despondency, I decided to turn what I do professionally and to direct any of the funds raised towards small, local rewilding charities where I know the money will make a valuable impact. 

There is no link between SEO and rewilding but I wanted to use SEO as a fuel for supporting other rewilding organisations that exist.
Kent wildlife trust
Rewilding Britain
Heal Rewilding
Young Wilders
Rewilding Europe

Get your SEO audit & donate £200 to a local rewilding charity 🌍

Book in your basic SEO audit at a discounted rate of £200 with all funds going to a local rewilding charity of your choice. 
Please note these audits will be limited to a select number of people on a monthly basis based on my own availability. 

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Have you got any questions about my "Rewild your SEO" audits, or about rewilding in general? Check out the FAQ below.
What info do you need to complete the audit?

Whilst I can complete with just the website URL, ideally I would also have access to Google Search Console, and Google Analytics, if in use. I can share instructions on how to provide access to those if necessary.

What will be included in the SEO audit?

I'll complete a technical audit of your website and will produce a spreadsheet that lists any recommended changes. A short Loom video will accompany the audit, with me talking through any of my suggestions. Please note this won't be considered a "full" SEO audit, but a reduced scope one - a full audit often takes a few days to complete, and costs more than £200 😊

Will you action any of the items highlighted in the audit?

Depending on the site I may be able to assist on this side, but I would likely need to charge for the additional time spent - this can be discussed as and when required. Usually the changes I recommend can be passed on to your web developer, if you have one to hand. I'm comfortable working on WordPress and other common CMS platforms if you did want me to assist.

Is this audit suitable for all kinds of websites?

An audit of this scope is best suited for smaller WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or similar websites. This is because sites built on the above platforms are usually quite basic and so don't require very lengthy SEO audits (usually!) - however, even if your website doesn't belong to one of the above, I can still provide you with a meaningful and impactful audit - it may just be completed at a higher level. I'll confirm with all enquiries if I can/can't complete the audit at this kind of scope.

Which rewilding charity will the money go towards?

I'm open regarding the exact organisation you choose to support. I know of some rewilding charities located near me in Spain, as well as some in the UK. My hope is that it would go towards one that is local to you - so that you can feel connected to helping on a local level.

What can I do right now on a practical level to help aid diversity or start rewilding?

If you have access to land - a garden for example, then just start planting! Try and get seeds from local, native plants. Look around to see what grows naturally, and which plants tend to support pollinators and other insects. Check if they're native and try planting them where you can. Create mini-wild habitats within your garden (small, safe ponds for example) to encourage more wildlife. If you don't have land, try and get permission from others to rewild their land. Look out for land sharing schemes or start your own if none exist nearby. Speak to your locals and see if anyone else wants to team up to help you.

I like the sound of this rewilding. Where can I learn more about it?

One of my favourite books on the topic is Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm by Isabella Tree. There are many great web resources out there too, such as RewildingEuropeRewildingEarthRe:wild and RewildingBritain.