SEO and Search Marketing for Social Enterprises

Ensuring your business can be found online is critical these days, and that's especially true for businesses that are Social Enterprises. As someone that loves to work with purpose-driven businesses, ethical businesses and ones that are doing good for people or the planet, many of the types of businesses that I help fall within the Social Enterprise organisation type. Find out how I can help you and your Social Enterprise get found online, helping you to reach a wider audience online.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is a business that puts the interests of people, or planet, ahead of profits. Being driven by social or environmental causes, the purpose of a Social Enterprise is to put profits from the business back into the business and the causes that it supports.
Social Enterprises are still about generating revenue and operating in a similar fashion as a traditional business, except this time the overlying cause is to help other social or environmental causes vs solely generating profits for the business shareholders.


Throughout the world there are an incredible 11 million Social Enteprises, according to a recent study but many Social Enterprises are setup to benefit people, or the environment around the world. In the UK there are over 100,000 Social Enterprises in existence according to the Social Enterprise organisation.

Some of the most famous Social Enterprise brands out there include Seawater Greenhouse, TOMS Shoes, and Seventh Generation.


Why SEO and digital marketing matters for Social Enterprises

Marketing is just as important for Social Enterprises as it is for other traditional businesses. It helps them to raise awareness of their brand and mission, which can in turn help them to attract and retain customers, employees, and investors who are aligned with their values. By effectively communicating the value of their products or services and the impact that their business has on society and the environment, Social Enterprises can differentiate themselves from traditional businesses and appeal to consumers who are looking to make a positive impact through their purchasing decisions.

Search marketing and SEO for Social Enterprises  is not just about promoting their products and services online, but also about showcasing their mission and impact, helping them to build relationships with key stakeholders, creating brand loyalty and engagement, and advancing their mission for positive change around the world.

Ultimately SEO and search marketing for Social Enterprise organisations doesn't differ much when compared to marketing traditional organisations - however there may be lots of non-revenue based initiatives that can be promoted, which also has the overall objective of helping to grow the Social Enterprise.