My Failproof Business-Driven Content Creation Framework (Guaranteed to Increase Conversions from your Content Strategy)

There’s a massive content opportunity out there for brands that are wiling to put in the effort.

Optimising your blog content for top positions in Google is a tough act – and at the end of the day, how does the invested time translate to profits?

Is it really worth all the time and resources (which both cost money – even if content is being produced in-house), and are you really monitoring these associated costs and outputs from any blogging efforts? How do you equate these invested resources with profits – do you monitor sales from blog content, leads, page visits, backlinks, newsletter sign ups – and how do you value each of those KPI’s?

As my good friend and herb entrepreneur David McDavid once said (and I quote), “Thyme is money!”.

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Introducing my Business-Driven Content Creation Framework (trademark pending)

This is where I think it’s time we started looking at new opportunities as part of a brand’s content marketing efforts. And this is where business-driven content creation (BDCCF™) comes into play.

In a nutshell, the underlying principle of BDCCF™ is this; the focus of your content now turns entirely on topics and search phrases that you know will generate more leads for your business.

the focus of your content now turns entirely on topics and search phrases that you know will generate more leads for your business.


No more worrying about whether content is on brand, of value for you to rank for, or about monitoring all those bothersome KPI’s – except of course traffic to the article.

When the BDCCF™ principle becomes the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy you can relax knowing that all efforts made are going towards generating sales for your business. And that’s all that we care about after all, right?




“Sounds Great! But how exactly does it work?” I hear you shout?

I can tell your itching to get started. But first you want to know how it works – so, here are a few great examples for the BDCCF™ in relation to various business verticals*.

*If your business sector hasn’t been listed below please reach out – I’ll don my metaphorical thinking cap and brainstorm some solutions for you, free of charge. I may or may not have come up with the ideas below based on clients I’ve worked with in these industries.



As a dentist you rely on making a living from checking up and resolving the teeth of your local residents.
What’s the best way you can ensure you’ve got a healthy (pardon the pun) client base and that you’re not going to run out of clients anytime soon? What if suddenly everyone raised their dental hygiene game and they no longer needed your services?

This is where the BDCCF™ comes in to save the day. Your content focus shifts from discussing dental care and hygiene tips to discussing topics that will actively drive appointments at your business. Your fax machine will literally be red hot.


Such blog posts might include:

“10 Nuts you didn’t know you could crack with your teeth (No. 7 will ASTOUND you!)”
“Top 5 Insults to use on insecure, steroid-abusing Bodybuilders”
“5 Reasons you should start eating raw couscous”


Hopefully the above is pretty self-explanatory, but for those in the back: bad teeth = more customers!



This is a tough one – there are only a limited number of topics that you can really go after to drive more local appointments at your business. This is the reason I up my SEO rates by 105% whenever I work with a local hairdresser.

Potential topics here include:

“How to give yourself a bowlcut”
“Using wall paint to dye your hair”




Yoga Practitioners

It’s common knowledge that Yoga teachers strive off stress. Without this, many yoga practitioners would struggle to stay afloat. So it’s not difficult to come up with topics that they need to target organically if they want to drum up interest in their local hippie commune yoga centre.

“Reasons why having more than 3 kids is a must in 2020!”
“5 Ways to get started as a stock broker”
“Best Bitcoins to invest your life savings on”
“How to become a freelance SEO specialist”

Some other tactics that are guaranteed to work here include adjusting your website so that any text is captured in a <marquee> tag. Bonus points if you can add blinking text or build your entire site using Flash. You might also consider adding various unnecessary pop-up boxes to your website (although it’s 2020 and you probably already do this). Purposely add large images to your site to slow it down. Download any JPG’s and re-save them as BMP’s.



Another pretty easy one if you’re willing to put your back into it (again, excuse the pun) by making the effort and writing these fail-proof blog posts.

“Everything you know is wrong – here’s the correct way to lift heavy items”
“Why Yoga is actually bad for you and you should stop today”
“Show affection to your partner by carrying them on a daily basis”



Plumbers rarely struggle to find work. On the off chance that you find one that is indeed finding things tough, consider lending a hand by covering these topics.

“5 things you should flush down the toilet on a daily basis”
“How to install your own sink in under 5 minutes”
“Unblock your toilet fast – using just a bag of sand!”


Dog Trainers & Behaviourists

Again this is a pretty easy one to work with – get creative and see how far you can take it!

“Why you should let your dog sleep in your bed – and you sleep in their basket”
“5 times you must NEVER make eye contact with your dog”
“Never walk your dog – carry it everywhere you go”
“Why your dog should sit and eat from the dining table, NOT their dog bowl”


Retarget the heck out of this traffic!

Excuse the language, but you mustn’t forget that for all of the BDCCF™ principles to work effectively you need to be targeting anyone and everyone that’s read your blog posts! Even target the audiences that have even considered reading your blog post. Don’t put a cap on the number of times your ad gets shown per day (people LOVE to see your ads!) and ALWAYS bid higher for mobile devices*. Include Facebook’s pixel on your posts so you can retarget to this audience too – you wouldn’t want your visitor to forget about you now, would you?

*This advice may or many not have come from my specially assigned Google Ads account specialist, on the rare occasion I didn’t dodge his near daily requests to “touch base”.

I ran my content marketing approach past renowned Googler John Mueller, here’s what he didn’t have to say:

John Mueller of Google


If you made it this far….


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