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One of the online tools I’ve got most experience using is Google Analytics. This is an essential free tool for anybody interested in having an easy way to track the number of people visiting your website, plus to analyse their typical behaviour. It’s essential that if you value your online presence, and want to grow the amount of business generated by your website, you must have some form of tracking installed.


Update: I'm now offering a GA4 migration service, if you are considering making use of Google's latest version of their analytics tracking tool.
Google Analytics gives a lot of valuable data and insight into how people are finding your website, and how they use it. You can (and should) have ecommerce tracking setup if you’re selling any kind of products or services online. Otherwise, if you’re simply looking to generate leads then there are a number of ways this can be achieved too.

Help with Google Analytics

Some of the services I'm happy to offer, or have previously completed for clients include:
  • E-commerce tracking setup to see revenue generated from online stores
  • Filtering internal traffic or internal WiFi visits (which otherwise inflate your reports)
  • Setting up Channel Attribution so that data is attributed correctly to each channel (organic, paid search, social, email, etc)
  • Sitewide analytics tracking audit to check the setup of any analytics scripts
  • Migrating analytics scripts into Google Tag Manager (plus migration of other tags, making for easier tag management)
  • Auditing Analytics Properties/Views to analyse performance and behaviour of visitors (often leading to new opportunities regarding SEO, PPC, or simply CRO)
  • Creating Custom Dashboards for easy, simple reporting based on your own KPI's
  • Creation and scheduling of monthly reports based on your own KPI's
  • Setting up tracking of key goals, such as contact form submissions or lead inquiries
  • Creating Custom Alerts to receive instant notifications of big issues (website is down, no transactions being made, etc)

If you're looking for Google Analytics help for something that's not listed above, I may still be able to assist. Just complete the contact form below and I'll get back to you when I can.

Note - to assist I will usually need to be granted with full Edit access at the Admin level of the account. You can follow the instructions here to share Analytics access with me.


If you're interested in switching from Universal Analytics to GA4 you might be interested in making use of my new GA4 migration service.

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