SEO help for a Web Agency in Manchester

This client, a web design agency based in Manchester, was struggling with its organic search visibility since making some big changes to their website design whilst also undergoing an SSL migration. As a result, the amount of client enquiries from organic search had declined, as had their overall number of website visits. 

Note the 3rd query here - "web design manchester", which is the biggest non-branded driver of organic traffic for the client. 


To help stop the decline in organic traffic to the web agency's website, by helping to boost their organic search visibility.


A technical site audit was completed to assess the current state of the website since undergoing the SSL migration. Technical fixes were implemented on the site, which was running on Wordpress, which included a detailed 301 redirect mapping audit from old indexed content pointing to the new URL locations. Site architecture changes were also suggested, as well as other on-page fixes such as Heading Tag adjustments and further Meta Tag optimisation. 


The decline in organic traffic was halted and after a few months there were positive increases from organic traffic. From Q1 of 2019 comparing to Q1 of 2018 there's been a 119% increase in Users from Organic Search, whilst online (and offline) enquiries have steadily returned and surpassed previous levels. 

130% Organic Traffic Increase

More leads (both online and offline)

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