Entertainment agency SEO case study

Warble Entertainment are specialists in finding the perfect entertainment for your party whether that’s a wedding, private function or a big corporate event. 

They approached me back in March 2021 as the employee they worked with internally on their SEO marketing activities had left the company, and they were now looking to appoint an external SEO consultant to assist with their ongoing activities. 

I began to work with them on a monthly retainer basis, my preferred way of working with a client as it allows me to really dive deep into understanding their business and to give them the required time and energy required to grow their visibility.

Despite the difficulties that Covid-19 provided, largely preventing the business from hiring out their entertainers during the worst affected periods, we were still able to improve visibility and help grow the business.

The Warble-Entertainment website

The opportunity 📄

The main objective here was to continue to help raise awareness of the brand as well as improving keyword visibility for a range of competitive, non-brand terms. 

The key focus was growing visibility not only in the local area but across the entire UK as they are able to supply entertainment wherever their clients are based.

What I did 🔧

When working with a new client there are a few initial “must-do” tasks that ensure no issues are overlooked.

Technical site audit

The website consisted of a custom-built CMS for the main website as well as having a separate WordPress blog that existed within a subdirectory. 

Because of issues with the WordPress blog that existed at the time, site speed and mobile usability was a problem and so I pushed for AMP to be enabled and assisted to configure this for the blog only, which lead to improved visibility across the blog.

Screenshot from Ahrefs showing the increase in backlinks from other websites since working with the client

Keyword research

Another must-do task is keyword research – I was able to carry out my own research as well as reviewing the past performance of the website, assessing their organic traffic levels vs their main competitors which allowed me to identify any content gaps that needed to be covered.

Content strategy

Because we had access to a freelance writer to assist on this project, we were able to assign topics for them to cover on a monthly basis. These articles were in-depth guides on specific types of entertainers and venues, which has since allowed the brand to be visible across some key, evergreen searches.

Screenshot from Ahrefs showing the increase in traffic value

The results 📈

During the time working with Warble Entertainment I was able to:

  • Grow organic traffic by 56% YoY (bearing in mind this was also during periods of Covid-19 lockdown where the hiring of indoor entertainment was largely prohibited).
Screenshot from Google Analytics showing traffic growth to their website (+56% YoY)
  • Assisted with a big website migration to a completely new web platform with improved functionality to make it easier to make a booking enquiry.
  • Several-fold increase in the number of backlinks pointing to the website.
  • Migration of existing web tags into Google Tag Manager as well as assisting with the changeover to the Google Analytics 4 platform.
  • Worked alongside the external freelance writer to determine target topics and assist with content briefs and content scheduling.
  • Implemented AMP on the blog which lead to improved site speed and organic visibility.
  • Oversaw an increase in conversions across the website of over 25%.

I absolutely loved working with Warble Entertainment because they allowed me to take control of their SEO activities and were willing to let me lead things, where I could work directly with their external freelance writer. They were always happy and receptive to new initiatives and were very pleased with the additional traffic and booking enquiries that were received during the time I was working with them. 

Screenshot from Ahrefs showing the increase in organic traffic since work began in March 2021

Interested in growing your own organic search traffic and revenue?

I love working with clients on a long term basis, helping to grow their organic visibility and generate more enquiries and sales.

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